More Than A Mystery

Had an incredible time solving the mystery of this super fun and ambitious music video with team over at Disney Channel. Like every production during the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to reinvent how we all work to keep our crew and incredible talent safe on set.

We combined live action with cel animation and animated LED backdrops (done by a separate vendor). I handled the cel animation (design and animation), green screen comp, and designed a couple of the more complex VFX shots for a fast and COVID-friendly shoot.





Role: Design and Animation of all cel animation and post animation effects.

Tools: Photoshop and After Effects


Production Credits:

Director: Colton Tran

Creative/Choreo: Tabitha Duomo, Napoleon Duomo

Unit Production Manager: Kevin Horiuchi

1st AD: Ken Cooper

DP: Michael Greenwood

Production Design: Dylan Hutchins

LED Backdrops/OnSet: Nick Militello, IT Factor Video Content

Cel Animation/Post VFX: Cecilia Fletcher

Crystal Insert Graphics: Lou Morton

And an amazing COVID-safe Disney crew!


VP, Muliplatform: Vincent Aricco

Creative Manager: Kevin Eis

VP, Short Form: Benita Husband

Director, Production: Tony Colon

Production Executive: Morgan Eiland

Project Coordinator: Jess Corwin



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