Dave Music Video

Lil Dicky Meets “Dave” on FX (Director's Cut) from STATE on Vimeo.

I had an amazing time with the State team developing a fantastic eye-catching cel look for this music video to celebrate the arrival of the DAVE tv show.

Our biggest creative adventure on this project was our collaboration with the team at FXX to develop a look that was as bold and bright as Lil Dicky, and as bland and boring as Dave. Our animation team found that delightful in-between in elasticky explosions and gritty grungy edges.


Role: Art Director / Designer / and a little cel


Full Credits:

President, Creative, Strategy & Digital Marketing
Stephanie Gibbons
SVP, Motion & Digital Design
Steve Viola
VP, Motion & Digital Design
Albert Romero
Creative Director, Motion & Digital Design
Andre Carbonari
VP Production, Motion & Digital Design
Dara Barton
Director of Production, Design
Michael Perez
Agency: FX Promos
Paul Tolton
Creative Director
Ethan Adelman
Executive Producer
Elizabeth Knight
Bryce Olson
Executive Creative Director
Marcel Ziul
Executive Producer
Alex dos Santos
General Manager
Tais Marcelo
Head of Production
Meredith Cherniack
Jacklyn Ramirez
Brad Herbst
Associate Producers
Soluane Thomas
Ricardo Arashiro
Art Director
Cecilia Fletcher
2D Animation Lead
Luis Suarez (Lucho)
Cecilia Fletcher
Janice Chang
Arpi Alexanian
Aaron Ray
Cel Animators
Ryan Boyes
Song Kim
Omar Romolino
Taik Lee
Oliver Wee
Cecilia Fletcher
Luis Suarez
Ian Blewitt
James Hurlburt
Tizu Tarumyan
Ricardo Perosa

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