2020 VMAs

2020 MTV VMAs from cecimonster on Vimeo.

Worked with the fantastic team of animators and designers at STATE to develop this project with MTV. We had an amazing collaborative relationship with the MTV team, creating a bold, retro look that encapsulates the energy and talent of the VMA artists. (This was a large project with a lot of talent involved, please scroll down for full credits)

One of our most rewarding experiences was designing and animating custom iconography for the featured performers, and of course, letting the Moonman bust some moves!


Executive Creative Director:
Marcel Ziul

Executive Producer:
Alex dos Santos

General Manager:
Tais Marcelo

Head of Production:
Meredith Cherniack

Creative Director:
Cecilia Fletcher

Sarah Laborde

Animation Lead:
Ricardo Perosa

Nataly Menjivar
Carolina Carballo
Felipe Medina
Lina Yu
Kevin Kim
Eunice Park
Cecilia Fletcher

2D Animators / Compositors:
Rodrigo Rodriguez
Byron Segundo
Luis Villani
Matt Lupo
Beethoven Souza
Beto Prado

Cel Animators:
Andre Dias
Guilherme Gurian
Lyuben Dimitrov
Sherwin Etaat

Kathleen Kirkman
Melissa Rosenzweig

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