McDonald’s Crew Stories

Teamed up with Dress Code and Weiden+Kennedy to breathe life into heartwarming true stories told by real customers celebrating the good deeds of McDonald’s crew members. Since the stories originally come from messages to McDonald’s, we created a scrapbook style to represent the memories and people described. Shout out to a super solid design and animation team for bringing this project together very quickly.




Director: Ceci Fletcher
Design: Raul Burgos, Carolina Carballo, Ceci Fletcher
Animation: Marta Lemos, Marah Curran, Erika Bernetich, Chu Lee, Sung Do
Producer: John Bega
Executive Producer: Brad Edelstein
ECD: Andre Andreev
HOP: Tara Rose Stromberg
Assistant Producer: Lauren Zmirich

Agency: Weiden+Kennedy

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