Planters Peanuts

Teamed up with Dress Code and the super sharp folks at JKR to put together a bunch of spots for Planters Peanuts. Animating our dynamic illustrated spots with stop motion peanuts was a true delight, leading to a fantastic series of animations that deliver a bunch of delicious bites!




Full Credits:

Directed By:

Ceci Fletcher


Design Lead:
Raúl Burgos

Catarina Alves
Emilię Muszczak
Dennis Moore
Chris Vela
Kevin Kim
Ceci Fletcher

Animation Lead: Matt Choi

Erika Bernetich
Dennis Moore
Marta Lemos
Elaine Lee
Vincenzo Lodigiani
Ceci Fletcher

Gabriel Freed

Live Action Shoot (in collaboration with Big Object Studio):
Production Manager: Sadie Kadlec
DP: Alex Lau
DP Assist: Adrien Potier
Stop Motion Lead: David Bell
Rigging: Maxwell Sorenson
Motion Control Op: Joe Scarpulla
Food Stylist: Scott Fletcher
Food Stylist Assist: Jared Reckamp

Dress Code

John Bega

Head of Production:
Tara Stromberg
Amy Dempsey

Brad Edelstein

Andre Andreev

And the amazing team at JKR

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