What We Do In The Shadows S3


Was brought in to pitch then lead design on this fantastic package at the amazing Awesome Inc.

As we brainstormed design concepts on this, we quickly landed on the idea that the iconography of the show packaging did not have to change (bats, new york locations, etc.), but we could transform the medium the iconography was made of. Suddenly, the concept practically designed itself. Our elements were entirely made of “coffin dust.” We magically swirled and morphed our dust from scene to scene, ultimately allowing for our favorite familiar, Guillermo, to suck up the dust at the end with a vintage hand vac.





Awesome Inc. Team:
President / EP
Ashley Kohler

VP Production / Producer
Brandon Betts

Design Director
Craig Sheldon

Lead Design
Cecilia Fletcher

Yujung Lee
Aaron Fisher

FX Animation
Mark McDonald
Aaron Fisher
Jeff DiMaggio
Chris Nickels
Anna Malatinszky

Craig Sheldon
Yujung Lee
Thomas Fine

CG Previz
Thomas Fine

Conform Edit
Thomas Fine

FX Networks:
Stephanie Gibbons – President, Creative, Strategy & Digital, Multi-Platform Marketing
Steve Viola – SVP, Content Design & Visual Effects
Amie Nguyen – VP, Motion Design
Dara Barton – VP, Production, Content Design & Visual Effects
Julio Ferrario – Art Director, Motion Design
Brien White – Designer, Motion Design
Wah Linh – Producer, Motion Design

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